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Because each person in a relationship makes mistakes, relationship repair is absolutely necessary for relationships to last. When couples don’t know how to repair their relationship after there have been breaks in trust, or they become hypersensitive to certain situations related to painful experiences, it leads them to trigger negative emotions in each other rather than feeling safe with one another. As couples learn how to become safe for each other, they can help each other heal from past wounds and learn to reach out for each other rather than withdrawal.

Gaining insight into oneself and one’s partner can help increase understanding of one’s own reactions and the reactions and behaviors of one’s spouse. When couples can understand each other’s fears and feelings of vulnerability, it can create emotional safety and intimacy within the relationship. This, in turn, can help couples strengthen their relationship during difficulties rather than shift to blaming and shaming the other person. Counselor’s Clinical Cottage is here to help you today.

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  • Mental Health Assessments for Social Security Disability
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